I am very delighted to launch the NGO portal Cox’s bazar. It gives the idea about the NGO’s working in this territory & their functions. It is going to help the general people to know the ongoing activities of the NGO’s serving in their respective areas. It will help the district administration to monitor/supervise the activities of the NGO’s. As a result there will be strong coordination between the administration & NGO’s. NGO’s are working in the rural areas in order to develop the socio economic condition of the root level people. They are working in various social sectors like education, health, sanitation and nutrition, safe drinking water. They are also working on building social awareness on rights of women and children, environment protection and income generation activities. NGO’s however, can contribute significantly if they work in co-operation with the government.

Finally I welcome you all to visit the NGO Portal Cox’s bazar to get informed about the activities of the NGO’s. It will decidedly open up a unique window for ensuring transparency & accountability in their activities.

Deputy Commissioner
Cox’s Bazar