I am very glad to launch the portal named “NGO Cox’s Bazaar” developed & managed by the District Administration, Cox’s Bazaar on NGO activities in Cox’s Bazaar. The portal helps to get an overall picture of the activities of all local, national & international NGO’s working for the socio economic development of the inhabitants of Cox’s Bazaar district. I believe that such generous initiative taken by the District Administration is very timely and a necessity.

The government as well as NGO’s has a very important role to play for the socio economic development of the country. As the area of NGO activities is being expanded day by day according to the demand of the time, it is very important for the government to monitor the activities of NGO’s. The newly launched portal will bring all the NGO under one umbrella and consequently monitoring of their activities will be much easier. In addition, this effort will strengthen the coordination process between GOB & NGO’s as well.

I hope this portal will be effective in order to ensure accountability and transparency in NGO activities. Finally, I would like to thank District Administration, Cox’s Bazaar for their dedication and effort in developing the portal “NGO Cox’s Bazaar”.



DIVISION Commissioner